Sunday, August 11, 2019

Rootkits Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rootkits - Research Paper Example The most powerful aspect about this type of intrusion was that it had the ability to make the attack invisible to the users of the computer. Koch (2007) explained that rootkits are used in combination with Trojan horses. The infected system can be used for malicious usages without the knowledge of the user, for example conducting spam attacks, botnet attacks or changing the settings of a system according to the desire of the hacker. George (2006) stated that rootkits can even cause replacement, changing of executable programs in the systems or the kernel based files to jeopardize the entire functioning of the system. Rootkit attacks are known to cause hefty losses for organizations since they are difficult to be traced by a user. CCH Group (2009) included figures from a survey that took place in 2006; Computer Crime and Security survey concluded their study and stated that $241,150 is the average loss on an annual basis for organizations in the US. They also stated that 20% of these losses occurred from rootkits intrusions that may have caused leakage of sensitive information, login credentials, banking details etc. Koch (2007) gave an example of rootkits and explained that Sony BMG Music Entertainment had adopted the strategy of rootkits to setup digital rights management software on the system of the user whenever their CD was played to ensure that the music was not being copied or used for piracy purposes. This installation was being done without the knowledge of the user. Rootkits are hard to detect since the intruder’s tracks are cleaned and made invisible after the intrusion. George (2006) pointed out an effective mode of recognizing the presence of rootkits in the system by using an alternate media such as rescue CD-ROM. The involvement of such external medium may be able to detect the rootkits since they may not be executing at the time of running the CD and intentionally trying to hide their existence.

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