Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Management Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

Management Accounting - Essay Example Coordination involves the systematic combination of various processes to achieve optimal results of pre-planned outcomes. It involves three main processes, which are performing situational analysis, competitor analysis and self-evaluation. Both micro-environmental and macro—environmental aspects must be considered. Concurrent with the above process, clear and specific objectives must be set. Vision statement, overall objectives both short-term and long—term are crafted (Abdel-Kader and Luther, 2006)). With regard to situational analysis, the above processes give rise to a strategic plan. The plan provides details of how coordination is to be achieved. Coordination involves managing dependencies among activities. Chandler suggests that to understand the business coordination concept, a simple intuition must come into mind that, if there is no interdependence, there is nothing to coordinate. It is comprehensible that players carrying out interdependent actions may have inconsistent interests and that might be called opinionated processes. These are ways of managing them in order to ensure best results are realized. According to Chandler, coordination occurs in many kinds of systems, biological, human, computational among others. The question on how community run enslavements among their actions are middle to parts of organization theory, sociology, management science, social psychology, linguistics, law and anthropology. Coordinating these dependencies gives rise to direct and indi rect costs (Lisa, 2006) Indirect Costs are the ones that have been sustained for universal or joint objectives and cannot be enthusiastically recognized with the exact final cost objective. They can also be defined as costs that cannot be directly quantified and may need further analysis to quantify them. They are incurred for various or interlinked activities and are not easily categorized into specific

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