Saturday, August 10, 2019

Reading response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 18

Reading response - Essay Example He writes a letter in a very persuasive tone so that the president of the United States can annul the treaty signed by a section of individuals from Hawaii whom he purports to be acting in their own interest rather than the great multitude of Hawaii. Although he appears to have lost the battle, he brings out his case clearly for the audience and one can hardly decline to support his course. Having been isolated together with the great multitude of Hawaii during treaty signing, it is only beneficial that LILIUOKALANI pursues the interest of his people and thwarts the efforts of the opposition. Nonetheless, I find it difficult to agree with LILIUOKALANI on his opinion that the president of the United States would rise in his support. For first, the treaty was signed in Washington. This would never have happened without the consent of the government of the United States. LILIUOKALANI does not also tell us the reasons why he has been isolated in the decision to secede Hawaii from America. Is he perpetuating some atrocities against the people of Hawaii? Why is he so determined to prevent Hawaii from attaining independence? Unless these questions are answered, I find it hard to side with

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