Tuesday, August 13, 2019

GSV Software Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

GSV Software - Assignment Example GSV has a well-planned production strategy that is aimed at satisfying its large customer base. The aim of a company being to satisfy its customers with high quality products, GSV has attained that without compromising the quality of its programs. In its working, it integrates CSR and sustainability with their products and their operations. To ensure third party satisfaction, it complies with supply chain security global standards of various regions which include PIP in Canada, CTPAT, WCO and AEO in Europe. According to Johnson and Clark (2008), customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any company, the providers liaise well with the parties in the supply chain to get the information required to maintain global business security (71). The security self-assessment tool that is incorporated into the program is important in verifying the integrity of the person. GSV product delivery is done by third parties. This means that it has to introduce ways to ensure that the customers are satisfied with their products or risk losing their large customer base. This can be done by introducing a customer feedback forum so that they can address the arising issues and improve on their

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