Thursday, August 29, 2019

Older adults with non-English speaking backgrounds in their attempts Research Paper

Older adults with non-English speaking backgrounds in their attempts at accessing and receiving nursing care - Research Paper Example Older adults with non-English speaking backgrounds in their attempts at accessing and receiving nursing care The research conducted will essentially have descriptive elements as it will attempt to try and establish the communication issues affecting the older people population demographic of Australia without any intervention. In descriptive research the researcher needs to only collect the relevant data as they occur without necessarily disrupting the subjects (Creswell 2003). In this particular research data was obtained through the concentrated effort of conducting interviews and focus groups that were targeted at establishing the problems facing the older adults in their efforts at accessing and receiving adequate nursing care. This was done without any undue attempts by the researchers to try and make any attempts at modifying the answers that they managed to gather from the field. In this respect, the data obtained and reflected in this research can thus be highly regarded in the assurance that there were attempts by the researcher to influence any part of this research (Stake 1994). The qualitative approach that has been taken by this paper can be seen to actively facilitate a somewhat more pedantic and considerably exact response from the participants of this survey. This is as a result of this particular designs tendency to draw the attention of the participants to an outlook and perceptions that tend to allow for a more comprehensive study to be carried out. The complexity that is generally seen to be engendered by a more detailed examination would necessitate the need for the researcher to use more highly specialized methods in the collection and subsequent analysis of data (Patton, 1990). The focus of this particular research is focused on the problems facing older people with non English speaking backgrounds and this particular issue can adequately be predominantly investigated via the use of a qualitative research model of approach. This particular research can be judged as not requiring any attempt by the researcher towards establishing of the elucidati on of a more intense and deeper look into the sentiments that are seen to be expressed by the respondents. In light of this, it is plainly clear that the best approach to this particular research is the qualitative model of research. POPULATION AND SAMPLING PLAN THE TARGET POPULATION A target population can broadly be referred to as members of what can be considered to either be a hypothetical or real set of objects, people or events to which persons conducting a research can be seen to wish to generalize their research upon. This particular study was designed to target persons who were aged 50 years with non English speaking backgrounds residing in Australia. The research managed to access about 300 possible respondents who were deemed as being suitable target candidates for this research. Due to various limitations, it was not viable for data to be collected from all the 300 possible candidates and hence a sample size of about 30% was used to conduct the survey. SAMPLING PLAN This particular segment of the research will center on matters pertaining to establishing a sampling design and the subsequent sampling that will occur. Sampling can be broadly defined as the procedure that is to be used in the selection of a respondent or participant from among a given specific population while continually putting into consideration the peculiarities that will be deemed as being atypical to them (Neuman, 2002). It is possible for one to carry out sampling by conducting either the

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