Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Food Movie Analysis (Moscow on the Hudson) Assignment

Food Movie Analysis (Moscow on the Hudson) - Assignment Example Sure, I have, and usually, I hear an interesting story with reference to a man who has fled from persecution or poverty, who in some isolated cases have abandoned a thriving business, and interestingly is starting all over again in the US. I also regularly get the name of a good restaurant.† Majority of the foreign-based workers are attached to an American way of doing things. Especially, in this case, Robin Williams defects from his Russian origins to the US when on a visit. He just likes the tastes of Americans food. He is marveled by the sheer number and size supermarkets around and the variety of flavors they seem to offer. He humorously goes asking for â€Å"coffee, coffee â€Å" in the mall and when he is lost for choice, he falls with the shelves as he tries to touch and read every coffee brand that he finds packed. He got to learn about the standard menu in American cultural food. For instance, people love talking coffee. Even when one wants to have a conversation, he would say, â€Å"Can we speak over a cup of coffee." Robin has to train himself to keep this information in his fingertips by repeating these common terms even when he is in the supermarket. The food revolution that took place in America has engineered more sophisticated consumers and piled up pressure on the restaurants to diver more authentic foods. This has been the case in the US where the restaurant’s owner strives to remain unique in the food culture which has given rise to principle flavors as depicted in the movie. Understanding the flavor principle of a region or cuisine is important as it will define what one can take within a given place. Americans have been known to combine certain ingredients that lead to them making a unique meal. This is identified by making the various categories of food such as aromatic, fats and spices.

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