Saturday, August 24, 2019

Contemporary Exhibition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Contemporary Exhibition - Essay Example According to the essay  Cindy Sherman is a fashionable master of the socially critical photography. Often, she features as a key picture in the â€Å"Pictures Generation.† Sherman’s focus in picture photography has always been to call into the question relating to the seductive and more oppressive influence of the media over personality and collective identities. She calls for her audience’s attention by powerful technology and maquillage that lies back of the countless images that circulate in an unremittingly public persevered in culture. Amongst the unsettling themes lying behind her extensive series of personal portraiture in numerous guises falls under the sexual desires and the domination of the fashioning of her self-identity by the means of self-deception.From this paper it is clear that Sherman’s ideas in photography lie in the long convention of self-portraiture and the theatrical role-playing in the field of art. She uses the camera and the ve ry tools used in everyday cinema, for example, makeup, stage scenery, and costumes. These help her to create an identity that recreates common illusions, or the iconic snapshots signifying numerous concepts. The concepts she fosters are like a public celebrity, sexual adventure, self-confidence, socially sanctioned, existential conditions, and ultimately, entertainment. Sherman’s photographic portraiture intensely emphasizes in the present although extending a long custom in arts that makes the audience reconsider certain common stereotypes as well as the cultural assumptions.   

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