Friday, August 23, 2019

Letter assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Letter assignment - Essay Example Fear is one of the emotions regularly observed with Nell since the first day we saw her. It should not be considered unhealthy or abnormal for her to feel fear. Any creation with normal instincts would feel fear of the unknown. A domesticated animal would feel fear when set out in the wild on its own. Fear is what provokes Nell to attack sometimes, which should again be considered normal and healthy. Any wild animal would attack when it feels cornered or endangered. It is the survival instinct embedded in the brain for self-preservation. We never consider those animals abnormal. Nor did we consider to lock up those animals because they pose danger to others. And since Nell displays the ability to be tamed and comforted even when scared, and reacts appropriately and in a timely manner to basic human gestures of comforting and appeasing --- which I firmly believe prove that her logic is working properly --- I would conclude that Nell is very much worthy to be allowed freedom to interac t with regular society. Another fact that I would like to dispute is the perception of Nell being mentally retarded. She is not mentally retarded. She was raised in a retarded environment. Her knowledge is parallel to what she was exposed to since birth. Being mentally retarded is the inability of the brain to cope up with everything presented to it. To consider Nell to be mentally retarded is similar to considering tribesmen as same. We cannot claim retardation to people just because they do not seem to understand nor fit in to what most people deem as normal society. We must also look into their ability to cope up when presented with a different scenario. Nell’s reactions to the novelty of things presented to her were similar to that of tribesmen --- fearful, curious, willing to understand and be understood. It should also be noted that for the past few months that Nell was exposed to our regular society, she adapted wonderfully. Sure she did weird

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