Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fibre optics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Fibre optics - Essay Example In this theory, the behavior of light is able to be shown or rather described within the optical fiber. This theory is majorly used in describing the causes of attenuation, dispersion of light and also the optical fiber absorption. Construction of Fiber Optic Cables Fiber optic cables are first given the core size which is 50/125 as the diameter then followed by the cladding size which is 125 microns while the 8/125 has a core diameter of 8microns with a cladding diameter of 125microns.A larger diameter has a larger core which allows more light which can be coupled depending n the angle cone. They can ether operate on a single mode propagation or a multimode propagation. The fiber-optic cables are made up of either glass, plastic or plastic-clad silica which differ to its attenuation. Attenuation can be seen to be majorly caused by absorption or scattering. In the glass fiber optic cable it is seen to consist of the lowest attenuation which when made it consists of glass core and gla ss cladding. It is also the most common preferred and has spread worldwide as it is easy to install because most of the people have accessed to it. The glass used is pure mad of silicon dioxide which during its fabrication process the impurities are added in order for it to produce a desire refraction of light. Boron or Fluorine is also added to decrease the refraction index. Plastic fiber optic cable has the highest attenuation as compared to the others made of plastic core and cladding. The core is made up of the polymethymethacrylate and coated with fluoropolymer. It’s better to used considering its costs and also do not have the flammability effect. Plastic clad silica fiber optic cable attenuation is between the glass and plastic. Its fiber optic cable has glass core commonly vitreous silica and its cladding is plastic. Its use of the silica makes it have a lower refractive index. It is fabricated with silicone elastomeric cladding which causes difficulty in its applicat ion, plasticity and also it makes it insoluble in organic solvents which bar it from being used by most of the people. Basic Fiber Optic Cables This is the type f technology which uses glass threads in order to transmit information or data. The bundles of the glass threads used are the ones capable in transmitting information which is later modulated into light waves. It is majorly used because of its advantages over the metal cables used earlier regarding on speed which is high as compared to the other communication lines among other advantages like it being thinner and light in weight. Although they are advantageous they also are disadvantageous in that they are expensive in its installation and also fragile among others. Fiber optics are becoming common in the local area networking enabling companies being able to use this as a better communication way. Types of Fiber Optic Cable There are 2 main types of fiber optic cables; these are the single mode and multimode fiber optic cab le. The single mode fiber optic cable (also referred to as uni-mode fiber, mono-mode fiber among other names) is used for a broad range of transmission as it covers longer distances making it suitable for multichannel television broadcasting system among other long distances transmission (Tricker 2002, pg. 20). This is caused by the ability to restore or allowance for a larger capacity for the transmission of information as it can retain the fidelity of light pulse. In this kind of fiber a lot of information is able to be sent

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