Thursday, September 26, 2019

Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Analysis - Essay Example this control system through the employment of two theoretical perspectives, thus demonstrating the differences between the outcomes arising from the two. For starters, Collier has identified the role of the entrepreneur as regards the social control he exercises over the employees, as a crucial factor in the control system that influences the overall operations of TNA. The success and credibility of this exercise of control on the entrepreneur’s part depends largely on the recognition of the importance of a set of beliefs and boundary systems that will decide what elements the control system will consist of as a package. A management control system essentially consists of various elements including the management accounting practices employed by a particular organization. In this regard, it is imperative to state that the control systems employed by the management are a result of evolution of various systems and beliefs over a period of many years. This is what formalizes and assists in the quantification of various information – financial and other. In doing so, the management identifies various elements of the control system that have to do with the external information relating to markets, consumers, competitors and their decision making mechanisms. This helps the management take decisions of its own. According to Collier, the organization’s control mix and the strategic choices arising out of the implementation of this mix to real time operations in the organizations are the basis of the various frameworks under which the organization’s management control system operates. While there are various frameworks for studying this management control system, Collier uses his paper to describe the 10 year old longitudinal field study of TNA through the frameworks laid down by Simons (1995) and Ferreira and Otley (2005), where both deal with formal systems based approaches as opposed to the informal, social or cultural forms of control. To begin with the

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