Friday, September 13, 2019

Emirates Airlines Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Emirates Airlines - Research Paper Example In terms of innovation, it is the first airline which has introduced â€Å"Audio Video on Demand† for their passengers in all the classes. It remains first in terms of introducing the in-flight calling and the concept of the onboard spa. Emirates Airlines is also known as the first airline which has initiated the internet and Wi-Fi facility inside the flight. The product offering of Emirates Airlines includes ‘ICE’ package.Information: Allows the customers to remain updated with the current news from BBC website. It also enables them to take a vision from the external cameras of aircraft. Communication: Enables the passengers to contact anyone via mail, SMS and phone call.Entertainment: The passengers can watch their favorite shows and also can play games. Due to introducing innovation in its operation and providing various facilities, Emirates Airlines is regarded as the prestigious company in the developed as well as emerging market. It is regarded as a fierce c ompetitor especially in the premium sector because it is leading the airline segment (â€Å"Emirates Group Careers†). The company has coped up with the economic downturn by improving its efficiencies as well as by introducing innovations in its operations (â€Å"Emirates†).Opportunities: Emirates Airlines is incessantly innovative and due to the advancement of its technology, it is making excessive profit. Its association with Qantas enables them to draw more Australian passengers.

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