Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Commercials in classrooms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Commercials in classrooms - Essay Example Many factors are responsible for it. But for the present, the focus will be on one major factor, displaying of commercials in classroom. The School premises have become an important playground for the companies. To increase their customer base, companies marketing strategy makers have been innovating newer and newer ways. For many companies children and teenagers are being viewed as the vital customer base. They are inventing various ways to attract teenagers towards their product. Among the newly innovated ways, one of the important ones is using commercial in different parts of school premises to attract children’s and teenager’s attention towards their product. Earlier companies used to attract customer’s attention by giving advertisements of their products on T.V., radio, news Paper, magazines, billboards in the road sides etc. But now companies are making direct interaction with children and teenagers through schools. The present paper is concerned with a review of Mr. Michael Sandel’s essay on â€Å"Commercials in the classroom†. This paper actually seeks to analyze the demerits of using commercials in the classroom and then will discuss which kinds of advertisement ought to be removed from the classroom along with explaining the reasons for doing so. Commercials in classroom – a threat to pupil’s future: Classroom no longer remained the place of learning only. This holy place also has not been left untouched by corporate marketing strategy. Marketing personnel of the companies are now seeing a huge client base among the children and teenager. They, therefore, have become very much desperate to attract those customers to their products. They have invented new process of advertising for their products. Advertising on T.V, radio, news paper, etc does not ensure that these will be watched by the audiences they are targeting. If children and

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