Monday, September 9, 2019

Design Innovation in Pakistan Textile Literature review

Design Innovation in Pakistan Textile - Literature review Example Art and craft is not schemed by the Ministry of Education, but teachers are availing lessons nowadays, with increased integration of the art and craft lessons in all levels of education curriculums in Pakistan would lead to innovations in terms of design. The textile University of Faisalabad, and University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore are the major players towards value addition in terms of textile related art and design courses. The government is obligated towards availing support to other institutions towards the textile design innovation. Hands-on or practical oriented courses are required for the art and design courses. The textile University of Faisalabad has courses in contemporary designs, Islamic arts, and various forms of designs for relevancy of their students in the job market. Other higher learning institutions as well contribute to both the Pakistan and global textile industry innovation; via design-oriented courses. The sculpturing and painting were developed in the Renaissance age. The Islamic art and designs for functionality and aesthetics were the key features in the industrialization period prior to transforming to the visual appeal art and design characteristic of the modern age. Different aspects of Islamic art features developments over the course of history were indicated. The transformation or evolution of art and design has been systematic since the stone age, early man era, through to the age of modern art. Various firms in Pakistan carry textile product design and production; this ranges from small scale to large-scale firms. Income and employment availed by the firm are some of the benefits; hence symbol of sustainability. The design and production or manufacture of the textile products via R & D production methods is yet to be fully embraced or realized, because of high initial cost of investment and high energy input costs Availability of

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