Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Cross Cultural Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Cross Cultural Literature - Essay Example It is also a way to change perception regarding one’s culture and instead of stereotyping, people should learn the beliefs of others. While going global, the diversification is much more and one gets a chance to deal with different type of dealing with various types of people who are different from them in terms of culture, religion, habits and much more. At that time it is important for one to know the aspects of dealing with the diversification. Cross Cultural literature is important because of the consistent changing of trends from West to East. Communication Challenges in Cross Culture Communication is a great challenge while moving into the different cultures because if one act is followed in one culture then it’s not necessary that the same act will also be supported in other cultures. While going global or Glocal in business, the management should have the international understanding of the cultures so that it gets easier for them to communicate with different cl asses of people. There are certain cultural variables that need to be studied while communicating with different people; Attitudes It means stereotyping. Usually people when they move from one country to another for work purpose, these types of problems arise. Managers or employees working in that environment start over generalizing those who are different from their cultures. ... Role Role means the status and level of one based on his age. Usually every individual is treated equally but within these rules people try to discriminate their companions or subordinate. Language Language is a bridge between various cultures. It create the big difference because while communication there are different meanings of different statements. Example: â€Å"COME OUT OF THE GRAVE WITH PEPSI† This statement is considered right in context of west culture but when it comes to regions or cultures like India, this statement is proved to be wrong. For India where majority is the follower of Hinduism, this statement is not effective because it’s hitting their cultural values. So while sharing any idea regarding something, one should be alert or aware of the words he/she is using to give the idea because it may or may not directly pointing their culture but indirectly it could be taken in wrong meanings. One more example is â€Å"When YES doesn’t mean YES†. It means that when Chinese, Japanese and Pakistanis say YES while talking to someone, that doesn’t means that they will follow your commands, it actually means that â€Å"YES we are listening to you†. Non-Verbal Communication Non-Verbal Communication plays a very important role in context of cultural diversification. It includes kinesics behavior (E.g., Sticking out the tongue in China); Power distances (Proximity- E.g. The corner office, Closeness when talking), Paralanguage (e.g. the sound of silence), Objective Language (E.g. Monochronic vs. Polychronic) and most importantly eye contact. Trust in conducting Business within cross cultures There are some countries that do negotiate

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