Wednesday, May 1, 2019

History of Germany Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

History of Germ both - Assignment Example2. The environmental concerns were multiple. First of all, because of enormous coal archeological site in Germany, the coal resources were slowly reducing more(prenominal)over, because of the coal mining there were huge mounds of rock and waste of the industry, which occupied huge territories. Also, development of industries was gradually destroying atmosphere and polluting air. Furthermore, the curve of air pollution was passing important in those times, because they were new and people hadnt yet created any solutions for the issues like that. The population boom rose up a question concerning overpopulation in Germany and hence the enquire for production of goods and resources also increased, which led to partial depletion of natural resources.3. Weimar Constitution was actually vicious as it was extremely delusional in its democratic focus. First of all, it made people think that they lived in democratic body politic and had their rig ht to take control over political power. In fact, it helped Hitler to rise to power, as he apply the opportunity of free speech and liberal determine in order to establish his authoritarian power. The trouble was that Hitlers party was the biggest in those times and therefore it acquired more votes than any other party in the elections of 1933. Moreover, people were dissatisfied with Socialist Democrats ruling, so Hitlers party was the and appropriate choice for them.4. The very first reason why women voted for Hitler back in 1933 was that Nazi Party was proclaimed to be a Christian party and they stated that they were standing for Christianity, so women, who are considered to be greater fighters for their religious values than men, were glad that such a religious party was going to rule. Talking about urban women, they were more open-minded and well-informed of what was going on in the country, so voting for Nazi Party was the only choice for them, as well as for the men who ag reed that Socialist

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