Friday, May 10, 2019

Cultural Barriers for Women in Education in the United Arab Emirates Research Paper

Cultural Barriers for Women in Education in the join Arab Emirates - Research Paper ExampleBuilding and developmental activities at bottom any country requires collective efforts by both men and women. It is of profound importance that women participate in productivity without being left back end since this leads to an unbalanced rhythm of life.In this case, women considering their education and employment opportunities atomic number 18 considered well-placed to impact countrys development within political, economical, educational as well as social sectors.Currently, the world is experiencing a rise in the nation of women as well as gradual educational opportunities that coincide economics in traditional attitudes towards women intention in the society. The works of Al-Adhab (1992), asserts that the rapidly changing needs of the UAE as a country calls for involvement of women who are required to broaden their understanding of work and active participation in the planning of dev elopment activities and careers. This see focuses on understanding of barriers that limit national womens entry, as well as career progression. such(prenominal) knowledge is important since it can be used in empowering national female educators. This ensures that women are considered as integral part of the workforce making their leadership roles a key factor towards realization of UAE judicature goal of Emiratisation.This research study complements earlier researches by other authors by providing an additional dimension in considering cultural barriers that surround women education and participation in national development.

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