Sunday, May 12, 2019

Conclusion and recommendations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Conclusion and recommendations - Research Paper ExampleThe management and Human Resources section of special K Kitchen is qualified and possess the skill to allow the organization to become successful. A good nub of experience is possessed by the management and this would lead them to improve the weaknesses that have been identified for the firm and cut down their strengths as well. Green Kitchen most importantly packs to diddle upon their capital and their promotion strategies to increase their guest base and also their market share.Green Kitchen, as stated in the analysis needs to recognize proper expansion plans and also work upon building a strong competitive edge as competition is increase on a regular note. The marketing strategy foc utilise by Green Kitchen is on the pricing factors and the distribution channels. The use of ERP will improve the operations management of Green Kitchen to a large extent. Green Kitchen needs to ensure that all the business management funct ions are running in a systematic mode so that it can achieve all its milestones successfully.Green Kitchen needs to work on their marketing and promotion strategies so that they can attract a huge customer base. They need to advertise in their ads about the importance of using environment friendly products and its benefits. They need to ensure that the mediums used for advertising is effective enough for the target market to view the advertisement.They can have alliances in the contrary market to promote their products in the international market and hence this would help them in increasing their capital. achievement and manufacturing setup may be reduced this way in the international market.They can work upon increasing their target market such as the kitchen cleaning products can be used in commercialized businesses such as hotels and restaurants and other such places. When businesses buy their

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