Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good Manners & Decorum Essay

The phrase good manners encompasses many things. It includes -gentleness, modesty, and dignity-it neatness and correctness of dress in the home and in baseball club -it is saying the right word at the proper time and proper place -it includes several form and kindness like hospitality and tolerance decorousness is propriety and good taste in speech, dress, etc.Manner in the FamilyThe Filipino family is a close-knit. However, even through the family maybe close-knit, each member is empower to his full sh be of privacy. 1. Pargonnts violate their childrens privacy by opening permitter addressed their children. Young people also violate their parents privacy when they rummage through soulal belongings in search of shoes, jewelry, neckties, cuff links, or other articles they wish to use. 2. Every member of the family should lay down the permit of entertaining his or her friends with a minimum of interference from the nest of the family unless the occasion is a family affair.3. Knoc k and wait for an answer or for a door to be opened before entering. 4. Reply courteously to your parents or to older members. 5. Use the magic words excuse me, sorry and please as the need arises. 6. never open your parents drawers or bags without permission. 7. Never use others personal belongings, for the sake of personal hygiene. 8. Het your parents or at least a family know when you have to leave. 9. Avoid interrupting a conversation.10. Never shout when somethings discussed.11. When you get up from the bed, leave it order.Table MannersGood manners are a moolah of a well-bred person. Good manners at the table differentiate a civilized person from an uncivilized.General Rules that govern acceptable conduct at the table1. Everyone should come to the table properly groomed. 2. Come to the table promptly when called. 3. It is discourteous to make others wait for you and a sign of lack of con facial expressionration for the person who prepared the meals. 4. Wait for others instead of rushing to the table ahead of them. When there are older or more important persons, permit them to precede you to the table. 5. When you are in the party (if you are a man) you help or assist the lady by pulling out her c blur for her to position.6. If grace is to be said, sit or stand quietly while is being done. 7. As soon as you are seated, keep your hands on your lap and your elbows close to your sides so as to not interfere with someone next to you. 8. Put your napkin on your lap. At the end of the meal, lay napkin at the left side of the table setting. 9. Do not blow your soup to cool it. Wait until cool enough to eat. 10. Be observant of the needs of others. See the food passed to them. Do not serve yourself first unless the hostess asks you to do so.11. Sip soup quietly and at the side of your spoon. Do not gulp it, since this is repulsive. 12. Keep your portion out in conversation but avoid talking about unpleasant or objectionable topics. (ex illness, operation, etc.) 13. Never reach or grab for food. Request cheerily what you want. 14. Manage you r silver inconspicuously and learn the rules for its correct usage. 15. After using the desert spoon leave it on the open plate or lay it on the service plate.MODESTY- a moderation in taste, in movement and in words. One who has these traits is considered a becoming person. Young girls should know that decent girls are what decent men are looking for especially when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner. A modest person practices the following* Wears simple and appropriate attire at all occasions* Wears jewelry and other accessories properly.* Avoid the use of excessive make-up.* Avoid giggling and laughing boisterously in public. A man turn onward when the partner notices a girl behaving in such a manner.* Speak well in a well modulated voice* refrain from boasting or bragging of her influential, relatives, friends and acquaintances.* Does not use foul words in group conversations.* Avoids cer tain places of enjoyment and entertainment, especially where men drink freely, because they are hunting grounds of the devil. * Do not accept expensive things from a man because that is a bait to make her swallow the hook. * Does not comb her hair nor cut/file her nails in public.On taking a Public or Private VehicleWhether at home, school, street or in the community, it is a persons obligation to observe discipline for the sake of peace and harmony. 1. When riding a jeep, wait for it at the PUJ loading and unloading shed. 2. When a PUJ stops, let the passengers come down first before you get in to the jeepney. 3. Pay your fare before getting off.4. It always more polite for a military man to seat lady on his right. However, the male should always be at the danger side. 5. A lady is assisted by her male companion in getting into a car, a taxi or a bus. He is allowed to put his hand under her elbow while assisting her. 6. In getting off a vehicle, the gentleman alights first and off ers her his hand. 7. In her own car, a lady always sits at the right hand side of the rear seat of a car that is driven by a chauffeur. 8. In the car or taxi, a lady sits at the edge of the seat, resting her hand on the door time lag or window with knees bent.

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