Monday, June 17, 2019

Year 12 stress levels for australian students Essay

Year 12 focal point levels for australian students - Essay ExampleBecause of this, stress is a stern issue for Australian students in year 12. A recent study carried out by an Australian psychologist Karen McGraw of the University of Swinburne indicates that almost oneness in quintet year 12 students have thought about hurting or killing themselves because of the stress caused by exam and homework pressures. In this study, 941 Victorian final-year students were surveyed. McGraw has describe the effects of stress on the mental health of the students studied as alarming, and further states that while 19% had thought of suicide or self-harm, well-nigh one third of students were severely depressed and 41% were get downing from anxiety.2Another Australian psychologist, adolescence specialist Michael Carr-Gregg, has stated that an inquiry in 2004 into youth suicides found that one in 11 completed suicides is a direct result of stress related to the pressures of year 12.3McGraws study results come after a get over in December of last year that Australian scientists had discovered conclusive proof that stress causes physical sickness it was discovered that during periods of stress, the body releases a ductless gland called neuropeptide Y that dampens the bodys immune system.4 Thus it is likely that many year 12 students who are suffering from stress may also suffer from stress-related illnesses, which can only serve to increase the pressures that homework and examinations place upon them.An earlier study, carried out in the late 1990s by Lorraine Smith and Kenneth E. Sinclair of the University of Sydney reported that 31% of year 12 and 25% of year 11 students surveyed had suffered anxiety, stress, and depression which fell outside the normal range.5 Together with the results of McGraws work, the results of this study suggest that stress is becoming a more severe problem for year 12 students over time.In recent years this has been recognized as a serious issue, and there is an

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