Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Leadership Self-Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leadership Self-Assessment - Essay ExampleOf importance to me has been to find time after nurture for reflection. This way, I am able to gain insights and understanding to what I have read.However, I still face limitations in certain crucial areas. I see to be more foc exampled on developing relationships seeking to please my followers at the expense of exuding the legitimate power and authority of being a leader. My leadership style would best fit the style approach of the 1940s as documented by Buchbinder and Shanks (2012). Therefore, I would have to work on the use of leadership legitimate power to influence action on my followers. This would be crucial for leading followers to delivering organisational goals without being compromised.Different situations would call for different strategies. This, perhaps, follows the situational surmise documented by Rubino et al. (2014) which postulates that leaders adopt different styles for different situations. I do not evade from responsi bility and would accept the consequences of my action. Where I lack knowledge, I always consult other sources, accepting ideas from others. In case of undesirable situations, my guide would be to seek the necessary change to realize the desired outcomes. However, on that point are crucial circumstances when I seek to hide behind vocabularies. Such are the times when I am faced with a charter to immediately respond to certain concerns whereas I do not have ready response. By using complex vocabularies, I leave my audience beat and get away with the issue.Just as in other organisations, conflicts are also bound to occur in healthcare. As a leader, it would be pregnant to appreciate the argument by Rigolosi (2013) that conflict resolution has no single static approach. Even so, I appreciate that as a leader, I am compromising, accommodating and avoiding, key aspects of conflict resolution cited by the scholar. I take responsibility for my actions and would always be open to ideas f rom other people.

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