Wednesday, June 19, 2019

CCI - Exploiting new ventures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CCI - Exploiting new ventures - Essay ExampleThe day to day affairs of the in-company ventures are handled by the business unit management, whereas, the organization management monitors and controls the boilers suit performance of various business units.Joint ventures, whether local or worldwide, are the organizations engrossing two or more companies merging for an interim period to get going a specific project. Joint ventures may engage two or more companies from a single or more countries. International joint ventures in particular are becoming more popular, especially in businesses where a specific project involves huge amount of cost, for e.g. exploration of oil and gas and minerals and metals intervention processes. The basic reason behind this type of venture is always to reduce related costs.A spin- by corporate venture is one when a company breaks up its various sections as independent and stand alone businesses or companies. The split company takes its associated assets, properties, products, related technologies and etc from its parent company. Agilent technology is an example of a spin out venture of Hewlett-Packard

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