Tuesday, June 11, 2019

ATKINS DIET Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

ATKINS DIET - Essay Example20-23), the main principle of Atkins feed was to foray the body of carbohydrates so that the body could shift the metabolic process of the body from breaking down the glucose to converting the stored body fat (Insel, Turner & Ross, pp. 130-132). This way the person has greater chances of losing weight and less chances of getting fat once more. The Atkins diet focuses its zippo on decreasing the intake of sugar, glucose, and carbohydrates. Furthermore, the focus also remains on decreasing the intake of fiber. Towards the end of the day, the subject, along with weight loss, gradually finds himself with a bring down appetite (Bowden, pp. 20-23). However, this type of diet in not at all ideal for vegetarians since Atkins diet includes high quantities of meat as an attempt to increase the protein and minerals essence in the diet. Atkins program is different from other diet programs because it goes on to take the way of moderation. Rather than forcing its fo llowers to force themselves to remain hungry or deprive oneself of the needed food, Atkins pabulum follows the mantra of never be hungry. During the first phase of induction, this is also the toughest and strictest phase of the entire course, people start off the program by narrowing their daily carbohydrate intake to less than 20 grams (Insel, Turner & Ross, pp. 130-132 Hensley, pp. 85-89). ... In the next phase of pre maintenance, the subject would increase his or her carbohydrate level again to find the level where the weight remains steady. The last phase is of lifetime maintenance where the subject ensures that he or she does not forget the habits acquired in the front stages (Lutz, Allan & Allen, pp. 64-65). Despite the fact that supporters and proponents of Atkins fare put forward the evidence that the diet has helped people from diverse backgrounds to lose their weight and escape the vicious circle of obesity, the diet appears to be falling short on the basic five charac teristics of a nutritive diet. Adequacy, which is the first characteristic, refers to the provision of 100 percent nutrients through the diet. Quite clearly, Atkins Diet ensures that the person ends up getting a high protein and saturated fat diet with little or no carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and vitamins (Hensley, pp. 85-89). The second characteristic is of a nutritious diet is that it has be balanced (Lutz, Allan & Allen, pp. 64-65 Hensley, pp. 85-89). By blocking carbohydrates and fiber, the Atkins Diet fails to fulfill the balanced part of the criteria. However, the Atkins Diet is perfect match for the third criteria of nutritious diet, which is just about moderation (Sharkey & Gaskill, pp. 96-98). As mentioned earlier that neither Atkins Diet tells people to eat with full force nor does it tell them to stay hungry for longer periods. Instead, it tells them to adopt s diet, which will not add to their weight but will help them burn the existing calories. The fourth criteri on is about calorie control Atkins Diet appears to be hitting the bulls eye on these criteria as well.

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