Thursday, July 25, 2019

Wk 11(61) project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Wk 11(61) project - Essay Example This is an activity that is pretty much governed by the state in which you live he said, because there are certain "clinical standards" that you must adhere to if you are going to work in the state. He also is very careful to make notes that are informative about the case and not judgmental. This sometimes is difficult because some of the offenders act as thought they have done nothing wrong. He must use his patience and communication skills in order to get through to some of the men he deals with on an average day. In terms of activities, he said that he is in counseling sessions throughout the day and the only thing he really gets to do is take a lunch. He does answer phone calls and emails between sessions so that he does not get behind. He often reviews his cases and sometimes he will have to provide reports to a probation officer or to the courts as to the progress that his clients have made. Another thing he pointed out was that a lot of the people who come to his office have been referred there by an agency. Because of this they may appear to be angry and hostile at the beginning of the process but most will settle down and get into it once they know they are not being judged. Office help is expensive and since he is in private practice he attempts to cut his costs as necessary. He is in business with his wife and they have a receptionist for scheduling appointments and taking referrals. He said that they do this so that they will have more time to work with clients and so they do not have to worry about scheduling. Sometimes they have case report conferences in the office especially when they have a particularly difficult case. In the event that the client is violent they want to know exactly what they are dealing with in the process. The regulations that govern counseling in Ohio include a Code of Ethics for counselors in the state and there are strict Medicaid guidelines. He

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