Saturday, July 27, 2019

The effectiveness of ( Career Development Plan) in an organization Essay

The effectiveness of ( Career Development Plan) in an organization - Essay Example Specifically, this research will explore whether the career development plan is an effective training method to use in an organization and whether it will affect the performance of the company. There are a variety of theories that involve career development and many have been applied to business and leadership. To understand these theories, it is important to understand some general issues about career. When an individual begins a position within a company, they have been recruited in some way. At first, they are doing the job they were hired to do and if they are ambitious, they may want to move to other positions within the company. Usually, there are new skills that the individual must acquire during the course of moving to other positions. In order to do this, many theorists have created an idea of what happens when people enter into career development. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs is one of the theories that people discuss when they are discussing career matters. According to Maslow, every individual has needs that must be met in order to eventually live a fully actualized life. The basic needs of food, shelter and safety (security) must be met before the individual can move onto needs of belonging and eventually self-actualization. It is important for leaders, according to this theory; to understand their needs in an organization and what motivates them (Maslow, 2009). Usually people working in organizations will be motivated internally and externally. Career planning can help understand which things are most motivating, which makes an individual more focused and productive in their job. Maslows hierarchy is very important in understanding how people are motivated to work. Behaviour theories are another area to study in career development because they discuss how people behave within their workplace. These theories place the importance of a career on the factors

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