Sunday, July 28, 2019

Changes and restrictions to importation of commodity foods such as Essay

Changes and restrictions to importation of commodity foods such as Cheese, etc.. due to certain tainted foods abroad - Essay Example If the cheese that was used in TIR were unknowingly contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, the customers will have food poisoning, and this will lead to damage of reputation, and even legal cases. One of the major impacts of this threat is the further decline in sales and profit because customers will be hesitant in consuming products that have been generally identified to have been contaminated. Whether or not TIR uses good quality cheese, the fact that the community is aware of its current issues, people will refuse to risk their health. The restrictions provided by the FDA are standards that must be followed by all local cheese manufacturers, as well as those who import cheese and other food products into the country. In the case of a wide-scope contamination of cheese, the prices of the commodity will increase significantly because of a lower supply, with the demand remaining constant. The observed reduction in profit, together with an increase in the cost of one of the most important food ingredients of TIR will put the establishment in a very risky

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