Friday, October 4, 2019

Health and safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Health and safety - Essay Example We specialize in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of chemicals for retail and mass consumption, and have been doing so for the last 60 years. Our biggest clients are industries which use most of our products, but retail consumption also forms a significant component of our corporate strategy. We produce organic and industrial chemicals, ceramic products, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, polymers, elastomers, explosives (including ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerin), oleochemicals, fragrances, and flavors. We have a presence in 16 countries, with our biggest markets being the United States and Canada, although Latin America also contributes greatly to our overall growth and success. Because of our sheer size, we employ over 20,000 workers in the 16 countries in which we have a presence. These workers perform a wide range of duties ranging from casual labor to administrative work. Others are also employed in the supply and distribution segment, playing a crucial role in taking our p roducts to our customers. Over the last two years we have embarked on an ambitious expansion program that has helped us to not only grow existing markets but also push into new markets and frontiers. The program has been a huge success considering that only the first phase has been implemented. We intend to roll out the second and final phase in the next month and finish its implementation in two years. Statement of Intent First, I already mentioned that our company manufactures chemicals for industrial and retail consumption. It is well known that chemicals, especially industrial chemicals, are not only very volatile and dangerous, but also highly sensitive. They can cause great damage if mishandled in any way or stored in a manner that makes them more hazardous than they already are. Workers are also predisposed to the dangers of these chemicals since they are the ones charged with handling them during manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution. Those workers who do not c ome into contact with these chemicals are also vulnerable indirectly because they spend some time around them. I must say that since we are primarily a manufacturing company, the working conditions of our employees are critical to the success of our business. More importantly, the health and safety conditions of our employees form the backbone of current and future success of the company. We have put in place measures that comply with the requirements of various government agencies like OSHA (occupational safety and health administration), NISH (national institute for occupational safety and health), and the chemical safety board. In addition to this, we regularly cooperate with the aforementioned agencies in order to ensure that we are constantly in compliance with the necessary regulations. This has enabled the company to consistently score highly in industry ratings that are published every year, and used to classify those companies that have best complied with health and safety requirements and made their plants and workplaces safe for all their employees. From a health and safety perspective, the company considers the following things important: a) Safe Working Conditions Our employees are our most valued assets, and therefore we know it would be foolish to let them work in poor and unsafe conditions. We are focused on making our employees feel as comfortable as possible (despite the potential dangers in their

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