Saturday, October 19, 2019

Explain the four major cultural dimensions identified by hofsted Research Paper

Explain the four major cultural dimensions identified by hofsted - Research Paper Example The four dimensions will be focused upon with respect to USA and other three countries from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Determining a culture of any given country is essential for any business. International business depends upon cultures of different countries in designing their policies; barriers within these cultures are worked upon in an effort to formulate a harmonized culture. In profiling countries based on Hofstede’s cultural dimension, the research will focus on data and indexes provide for in the Hofstede Centre website. Each country will be profiled based on given scores. The score will be done on three countries. These countries are the USA, Mexico, Japan and Germany. The scores will be used to identify suitable environments for setting up a business. The barriers from the chosen country will be focused upon thus allowing an analysis of these barriers and identifying models that will overcome the barriers. The four countries where identified due to their uniqueness in terms of geographical location, government policies and cultural differences. Recommendations will be made based on the suitable country to set up a business (The Hofstede Centre, 2010). The United States of America has a higher score in individualism compared to other cultural dimensions. Individualism had a score of 91, power distance had a score of 40, and masculinity scored 62 while Uncertainty avoidance scored 46. In the case of Mexico, uncertainty avoidance scored highly compared to other dimensions. Individualism scored lowly compared to the three dimensions (The Hofstede Centre, 2010). The scores for this country where; individualism at 30, masculinity at 69, uncertainty avoidance at 82 while Power distance at 81. Japan on the other hand had a high score on Masculinity at 95 and a lower score of 46 on individualism. Power Distance scored an average score of 54 while Uncertainty had an averagely high score of 92. In Germany,

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