Friday, February 7, 2020

Combating Future Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Combating Future Terrorism - Essay Example Domestic terrorism has been described as the violence focusing on populations or the nation’s facilities but have no foreign direction. Such activities of groups of terrorists or individuals are homegrown, meaning they have no external assistance, such as funding, to attack populations or government elements. On the other hand, international terrorism involves activities that are either or both foreign-sponsored and foreign-based. Under the FBI’s foreign classification, the activities of violence may either extend beyond the US’s national boundaries or originate from foreign countries. In this sense, the distinction between international and domestic terrorism is not based on where the violent acts take place but rather, on the responsible groups’ or individuals’ origin (Enders & Sandler, 2006). Since the al-Qaeda led the 2001 September 11 attacks on the US, it has become difficult to clearly determine, define and predict the future characteristics of terrorism. Subsequently, the US has developed counter-terrorism strategies that will address any form of terrorist attacks aimed at its facilities and populations. Basing on the decision that foreign terrorism constitutes the greatest threat to the US, this paper will support the decision and discuss combating future terrorism using diversity, cultural and historic aspects. Terrorism, evidently, results from the interactions of human beings sharing an environment with other groups, individuals and governments. The government may or may not meet the expectations and needs of its people; the people increasingly and continuously identify with radicals founded on different reasons; the people may have experienced genuine or perceived trauma or discrimination, which may either be indirectly or first hand; the people may also have met charismatic leaders or heard of resonant messages that interconnect

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