Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Miscegination Is Genetic Suicide:- A Critical Look At Race-m :: essays research papers

Every species on earth has it's variants. For example, the differences between Wood Ducks and Mallards have evolved for specific reasons - namely, those which best ensure the survival of the Duck species in different environments. The same applies to humans. The Negro race has evolved under a certain set of conditions and those conditions differed vastly from those under which the Nordic Aryan race evolved. Whereas the Nordic Aryan needed warmth and shelter in the cold climates of Europe and consequently developed a more hairy body, light skin, and a narrow shaped nose among other things, the Negro, lavishing in the hot climate of Africa, needed cooling and therefore devoloped a flatter nose, a body with minimal hair, and a flatter, broader nose. This type of genetic diversity which has evolved over many thousands of years in order to better adapt us for our respective environments is being destroyed with miscegination - that is - "race-mixing". As every species in the world developed, it's sub-species and it's further strains and breeds under those have evolved for a very specific reason - the preservation of the species, and ultimately, life itself. Each species is like a tree, with hundreds of branches, each leading to thousands of other branches. Each branch of the tree is slightly different from the one beside it, due to living in a different environment it has had to adapt and the resulting differences are due to the combination - the formula - of genes, which has survived the best in whatever environment it has encountered. Because of this branching of the species, whenever a particular disease, a natural phenomenon, or a new predator has arrived on the scene, the species has always been diverse enough to continue, as there will be one branch of the tree which has the immunity, adapted over time, in order to defend itself or escape from the catastrophe. This method, special branching, has ensured the survival of vario us species for thousands of years, and is in fact the reason for the existance of different species. Since the beginning billions of years ago when God reached down and fused the base elements of life into a single-cell organism, that's how long this process has been taking place. As the amoeba of life spread to different parts of a world that was just beginning to take shape, it encountered different challenges for survival, the cells that couldn't survive died and the one or two mutated cells that could survive continued, multiplying and dominating each particular environment.

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